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Any player can run an event! They just have to get their event plan approved by myself, Vriska, Ferrous, or anyone with tag 'DM' in the Discord. This is a summary of what might occur during the event as well as any rewards, boss fights, etc. It should include:
- summary of the event
- a list of attendees (it's fine if this isn't 100%)
- a general outline 
- any rewards (items, resources, etc)

For example event plans, see:

For tips / a guide on DMing

Keep in mind that item rewards should be very hard won, and if they're not minor, limited to one per event. These event plans were made for Eternia so there's a lot more gear-based loot.

If you have an event in mind you'd like to run, contact me on Discord: Chance#5872 (alternatively, other head admins can approve your event- Yinadele, Josh, and Vriska)
Once your event plan is approved, you'll be given DM on the day of the event.

Rules / Guidelines
All DM commands are logged and regularly checked. Please follow these rules to avoid suspicion and investigation! 
- Do not spawn any items that aren't the loot. There's no reason to; you can increase EC stats to make up for lack of gear etc.
- Do not give ECs RPL. You can edit give them points to purchase spells by using ctrl + right-click, then search for 'spendables'.
Dungeon Master Rewards

Running a great event can take a lot of creative energy and time to plan, and see through! While the true reward is providing fun and entertainment to the attendees, there are also DM Points!
Each time you successfully run an event, you gain 1 DM Point! If it's a weekend event, you gain 2 DM Points!

Dungeon Master Store

RPP, pre-220 (1 DMP): This increases one of your character's RPL by the following amount. You can only use this once a week. 
50: +10, 100: +7, 150: +5, 170: +4, 200: +1
RPP, post-220 (2 DMP): Same as the above, +1 to a 220+ RPL character.
30 Day Subscription (3 DMP): You can add a subscription to any key of your choice for 30 days.
Rare Race (3 DMP): You can begin a character as any of the following once, bypassing the rebirth requirements: Dryad, Neries, Oscuri, Demon, and Fairy.
75% Rebirth (5 DMP): A character retains 75% of their RPL on death. Must begin at 16+!

If you earn 5 or more total DMP: You'll be given gold patreon (sprite changing) to a key of your choice indefinitely, one per person. This might be subject to change in the future, but it's very likely a lifetime thing! This does not require current DMP. It's total DMP, meaning you just need to run five events to earn the reward!
Added this to the original post, but posting  it here for extra emphasis since it's been a bit of an issue lately:

- Do not spawn any items that aren't the loot. There's no reason to; you can increase EC stats to make up for lack of gear etc.
- Do not give ECs RPL. You can give them the ability to purchase spells by using 'Spend RPP' command and giving them minus points.
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